Toy Story Theatre

You are a toy! Or at least you can be with our Toy Story pop up theatre guide featuring costume, props and backdrop tutorials.

Set the scene, round up your kids and their friends to go to infinity and beyond in your own home as we present everything you need to put on a Toy Story Play.

Set the Scene

Get your head in the clouds! Nothing says Toy Story like clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds. Use this tutorial to create the classic PIXAR backdrop.


Time to think outside the box. All you need to re-create these classic props from Toy Story is some leftover boxes and paint.


Get ready to blast off with Buzz Lightyear’s space shuttle!


DIY Costumes

Howdy Partner! Dress up like everyone’s favourite Sheriff with this Woody costume tutorial! (Caution: Watch out for snakes in or around boots).


Buzz Lightyear to the rescue! Get Space Ranger ready with this Mission Control armband.


Want to round up sheep like Bo Peep, go straight to the bank as Hamm or roar like Rex? Then check out our guide to create quick and easy costumes.


Turn that trash into Disney treasure!

Get crafting!