Star Wars Story Den

It could be a Resistance hideout, Starkiller Base or even an X-wing cockpit!

Help your little reader build their own story den where they can hide away with their favourite books.

What You'll Need
  • Small table or a pair of chairs
  • Bedsheets
  • Duvet
  • Pillows or cushions
  • Blanket
  • A selection of your favourite books
How To Make It
  1. Find a cosy corner or free bit of wall space.

  2. Use a couple of chairs or a small table to make the sides of the den, with a duvet or rug laid down for the base.

  3. Drape duvets or blankets over the top and down the sides.

  4. Use pillows or cushions to make a comfy sitting area.

  5. Decorate with signs, or use toys and boxes to help turn the den into a cockpit or control room. Hang up a torch or other light source to make the den feel really special.

  6. Now your little one has their own private place to read their favourite storybooks until bedtime!

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