Jawa Scavenger Hunt

Help your mini Jawas find and rebuild an old droid in this fun Star Wars scavenger hunt.

Player: 1+
What You'll Need
  • Printer
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
How To Make It
  1. Print out the droid pieces and clue cards

  2. Hide the 11 droid pieces around your home, in the locations suggested by the clue cards

  3. You’re ready to play! Read out the first clue and send your kids off to find their first piece of droid

  4. When they have found that, read out the second clue, and so on. (If your kids are older, you could hide the next clue with each piece of droid for them to read themselves.)

  5. Once they have scavenged all the droid pieces, use sticky tape to rebuild it

Tips! Get your kids into the spirit of the game by dyeing old dressing gowns brown and dressing them up as Jawas. If you want a more robust droid, print it on heavy paper or stick the pieces onto card. Use a split pin to attach the droid's body parts to make it jointed
Print Instructions