Think You Know Disney Villains?

Get wise for the wicked!

Here’s 13 facts about Disney’s bone-chilling Villains to get you in the mood for Halloween!

1. Speak when spoken to!

Evil Queen

Did you know, the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first character to speak in a full-length animated feature? Her first line of dialogue was: “Slave in the magic mirror, come from the farthest space, through wind and darkness I summon thee. Speak! Let me see thy face.”

2. Double trouble


Did you know, actress Eleanor Audley voiced both Cinderella’s Lady Tremaine and Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent? If that wasn’t enough, she was also the original voice of Madame Leota in The Haunted Mansion attraction of the many Disney theme parks!

3. Feeling sore after a lion’s roar


Did you know, after Jeremy Irons lost his voice when singing Scar’s famous “Be Prepared” song from The Lion King, Jim Cummings (voice of Ed in The Lion King) stepped in to finish the song? He did such a phenomenal job that most people can’t even tell the difference!

4. With great power comes great responsibility

Scar, Jafar & Gaston

Did you know, Gaston (Beauty and the Beast), Scar (The Lion King), and Jafar (Aladdin) all shared the same lead animator – Andreas Deja? He was also in charge of adult Hercules, King Triton, Lilo, and Roger Rabbit!

5. The one in One Hundred and One

Cruella De Vil

Did you know, One Hundred and One Dalmatians’ Cruella De Vil was animated by one person? A group effort is usually how characters are animated, but Marc Davis (who also worked on Maleficent, Alice, Tinker Bell, Cinderella, Aurora, and more) was the only artist who worked on this dastardly villain.

6. What nightmares are made of

Oogie Boogie

Did you know, Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas wasn’t in Tim Burton’s original poem? It came about later on after Burton sketched a creepy portrait of a weird potato sack guy with horrible things inside. Animators described the character as the “Ultimate Halloween Nightmare”!

7. Made for Hades


Did you know, James Woods’ audition influenced Hades’ (from Hercules) personality? He recalled coming into the audition and approaching the character as a fun, fast-talking car salesman. The writers liked it so much that they incorporated it into the role!

8. A grim reality

Evil Queen

Did you know, the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs actually has a real name, and its Queen Grimhilde. How terrifying does that sound?!

9. Chattering teeth

Evil Witch

Did you know, Lucille LaVerne voiced both the Evil Queen and the Evil Witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? However, when it came to voicing the Evil Witch, she removed her false teeth before recording her lines!

10. Evil inspiration


Did you know, in addition to Maleficent’s devil-like horns, her design was based off bats (her collar), and medieval Czech designs that illustrator Marc Davis found in his house (her flame-like robes)? Her name also stems from the Latin word “maleficenta”, which means “evil-doing”!

11. Voice of the voiceless


Did you know, Jodi Benson, the voice of The Little Mermaid’s Ariel, also voiced Vanessa, the human Ursula transforms into? This is quite fitting, as she was the one who stole Ariel’s voice!

12. A foretelling bird

Mufasa, Scar & Zazu

Did you know, there’s a throw rug in Hercules that looks like it was designed after The Lion King’s Scar? The crazy part of it all, is that Zazu kind-of predicted this in The Lion King when he said Scar would “make a very handsome throw rug”!

13. One scary handshake

Hades & Jafar

Did you know, Hercules’ Hades and Aladdin’s Jafar are the only two Disney villains to ever officially meet in a Disney animation? Jafar made a cameo appearance in an episode of the animated Hercules series!