Trench Run Relay

Help your X-wing pilots save the Galaxy by landing their torpedoes in the vent to destroy the Death Star!

Players: 2+
What You'll Need
  • Printer
  • Sticky tape
  • Small waste bin
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Grey paint
  • Socks
  • Dry beans or pulses
How To Make It
  1. Make your torpedoes by filling socks with dry beans or pulses before tying them up tightly

  2. Make your Death Star Trench Run walls by painting cardboard boxes

  3. Print out the Death Star Trench Run tiles and lay them out for the Trench Run floor

  4. Make a target vent by wrapping a small bin or cardboard box in the tiles.

  5. It’s a relay race! Each ‘Rebel Alliance fighter’ lines up and takes it in turn running from the start to a designated throwing area. Here they pick up the beanbags they’ve made and have to try and throw it in the target

  6. The first one to land a torpedo in the vent wins! (Or carry on playing for a set time or set number of throws to find an overall winner.)

  7. Increase the throwing distance to see who the best pilot is.

Tips! If you don’t have a beanbag, or dry beans or pulses, to use as a torpedo you can use rolled up socks.
Print Instructions

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