Star Wars Stormtrooper Nail Art

These aren’t the droids you’ve been looking for….but it is ace Stormtrooper nail art!

Pedge your alligence to the dark side with this nail art from a galaxy far far away.

What You'll Need
  • Black nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Clear nail polish
  • Purple glitter nail polish
  • Silver glitter nail polish
  • Paintbrush
How To Make It
Step 1 / 5
  • sw-stormtropper-nail-art_step_by_step_1

    Apply a black base coat to all your nails except for your index finger

    Apply a white base coat on your index finger. Allow all polish to dry

  • sw-stormtropper-nail-art_step_by_step_2

    On all your black nails, apply small dabs of the purple and silver glitter polish to resemble a solar system

  • sw-stormtropper-nail-art_step_by_step_3

    On your white nail, use a thin paint brush and the black polish to add the stormtrooper details

    Apply a thin black line towards the base of your nail and then two semi circles beneath it to resemble the stormtrooper’s eyes

  • sw-stormtropper-nail-art_step_by_step_4

    Apply a triangular shape towards the tip of your nail to resemble the stormtrooper’s mouth detail

  • sw-stormtropper-nail-art_step_by_step_5

    Apply two black dots either side of the mouth piece for extra detail

    Let everything dry then apply a clear top coat to seal in the colour

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