Pirates Of The Caribbean Face Painting Tutorial

Get ready to sail the seas with our pirates of the Caribbean face paint tutorial!

Ahoy there sailor! Jump aboard and become the captain of your own ship with this  Pirates of the Caribbean face paint tutorial!

Is it a pirates life for you? It’s now your turn to sail the ship with this simple three-step tutorial!

How To Make It
  1. Using a sponge, draw a red band across the forehead. Then take a clean sponge and dab some pale pink on the cheeks, chin and nose.

  2. Take another clean sponge and lightly dab some black under each eye. Using a thin brush, draw a white and blue stripe down the right side of the red band. Add a yellow circle at the bottom.

  3. Take a thin brush and some black paint and outline the red band. Now draw a line across the centre of the band. Then add some circles, dashes and diamond shapes. Finish by drawing the beard, moustache and eyebrows. Finally, draw the beard braids down the neck.

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