Explore Pandora – The World of Avatar

The gates have opened to the magical new land, Pandora – The World of Avatar and we’ve got the full low-down on everything you can expect.

When we heard that Pandora – The World of Avatar was coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park we put everything else on hold and started planning our trip, and unless you’ve been hiding under a floating mountain, we bet you’re pretty excited about it too. So get ready to book your trip, and let’s travel through this brand new realm.

The Valley of Mo’Ara

Did someone say floating mountains? Check. The Valley of Mo’ara is where your discovery and exploration of Pandora begins as you trek through otherworldly forests and pathways through the valley, taking in the wondrous plants and landscapes that surround you. In this world you don’t hike up mountains, but you walk under them as they seemingly float above you. As night falls the valley comes to life and glows with beautiful bio-luminescence. Sign us up for a night hike urgently!

Na’vi River Journey

Set sail on a river journey unlike any other on a moon that is light years from earth. As soon as you board your reed boat and start your adventure on the Na’vi River Journey, you’ll be transported to a world that pulses with sensational sights and sounds as you weave along the water through the glowing rain-forest. Watch out for the Na’vi and other mystical creatures on this spectacular new attraction.

Avatar Flight of Passage

When someone asked us if we’d like to fly on a Banshee through Pandora, the answer was obviously going to be yes. Luckily, guests can experience this very thing on the new attraction, Avatar Flight of Passage. Once you’ve boarded your link chair, you’re connected to an avatar who is on the back of a wing-flapping Banshee.  You’ll be darting and swirling through the floating mountains and ancient caverns of Pandora, experiencing this new land from way above! The winged predator is one of the most important and culturally significant animals to the Na’vi and now you’ll get the chance to experience flying on the back of one yourself. Amazing.

Check out the trailer for Pandora – The World of Avatar below and book your trip to this otherworldly planet today!