Let’s Go Families: Speedo Swimming Tips

Know a kid who hates swimming? Try these three easy swimming activities inspired by The Incredibles to help them learn.

If your little ones aren’t a fan of swimming lessons maybe our Disney inspired pool activities can help with their confidence in the water. Using techniques inspired by The Incredibles’ special skills, these activities will be fun for the family to try next time you’re at the local swimming pool.

Blowing Bubbles

Jack Jack
Jack Jack can’t properly talk yet, but does love to blow the odd raspberry! Holding on to the side of the pool, take a deep breath and blow bubbles (or raspberries) under the water, humming as you exhale to make different sounds like Jack Jack! This drill helps teach the important of breath control – inhaling and exhaling rather than holding your breath.

The Incredible Dash

Kicking helps you stay afloat and is very important to help with becoming a stronger swimmer. Hold a pool noodle out in front and kick as fast as you can to propel yourself across the pool. Use your momentum to keep you floating – just like Dash does when he runs across water.

Violet’s Force Fields

Violet has to keep her force field up as she moves around. Hold a hula hoop in the water and encourage your kids to swim through it. Adjust the hula hoop to different depths and encourage the swimmer to try to stay within the force field rings as you move from one side of the pool to the other.

Bonus Activity – Save The Day

Once you’re confident enough in the pool, pair up and agree who’s going to be the villain and who’s going to be the hero. The ‘villain’ has to throw some objects to the bottom of the pool, while the ‘hero’ has to dive down to rescue them!

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