Irresistible Disney X Gap Outfits For Mini Fashionistas

Mickey and Minnie loving mums, rejoice! High street favourite Gap are now offering a wide range of the iconic creations for kids of all ages.

Winter might not be your favourite season as an adult, (cold!), but kids make it so much more fun – especially if you pick up an outfit or two for them from Gap. From hats and scarves to hoodies and onesies, the range is full of bold colours and modern graphics. There’s even a Micky Denim Jacket in girl and mum sizes, so you can shop for yourself at the same time. Fabulous!

To save you some time (let’s face it you need all you can get in the run up to Christmas) we’ve rounded up three irresistible looks for babies, toddlers and big kids to keep them warm, cosy and super stylish this winter.

Happy shopping!