Every Disney Thing In June

Like Olaf, we love summer and June is the month when the sunshine and summer fun-times really begin!

If, like us, you’re desperate for every tasty morsel of Disney magic, what does June hold for us Disney fans? Well, apply some sunscreen, fire up the barbecue and let’s begin.

Disney Store Summer Shop

Whether you’re about to head on holiday or you’re just after some new accessories to laze in the summer sun, the Disney Store Summer Shop has everything you need! From super cool character swimwear and towels to stunning Disney accessories; you’ll be all set to make some awesome summer memories.

Lilo & Stitch Anniversary

Somehow, June marks 15 years since the awesome Lilo & Stitch surfed into US cinemas. It’s still one of our favourite Disney movies and encapsulates everything we love about summer and family! If the word Ohana means anything to you, treat yourself to something from the  Lilo & Stitch range now, exclusively at Disney Store.

Aladdin The Musical Anniversary

June marks the one year anniversary of Aladdin The Musical arriving in London and bringing the magic of the animation and stories from Agrabah to the big stage! If you’ve yet to see the show, here are a few facts to whet your whistle. The set weighs a staggering 67 tonnes, there are over 2 million crystals used on the costumes, and each show takes over 100 people to make the magic happen! We’ve seen the show a few times now and are continually blown away by the whole production.  We’ve also spent far too much time trying to work out just how the magic carpet seems to fly around the theatre….. Book your tickets here!