Disney Women Who Are Absolute Bosses

Disney women know how to get things done. They solve problems, stand up for themselves, and follow their dreams.

We’re willing to bet that you’ve been inspired by a Disney woman before: perhaps their bravery gave you the courage to pick up a new hobby, step up your leadership game, or be true to your heart. So to celebrate International Women’s Day, let us introduce you to the most inspirational of Disney ladies.

Belle From Beauty And The Beast


Belle is a kind, gentle bibliophile, but that doesn’t mean she can’t stand up for herself. When Gaston is a little too pushy, she has no problem showing him the door, and shutting it in his face, to boot.

Anna From Frozen


Though Elsa’s strength is praised throughout Frozen, her feisty sister brings a different type of power to the table. When Kristoff refuses to help her find her way up the North Mountain, Anna doesn’t take no for an answer. Instead, she buys those carrots and persuades him that it’s in everyone’s best interest to stop the eternal winter, and she does so just by being herself.

Dory From Finding Nemo


Dory’s nuggets of wisdom are some of our favourite Disney Pixar quotes of all time. Dory helps Marlin see the world from a different perspective, and reminds us that sometimes you have to take risks and let go to fully live your life. You have to believe in yourself and keep going, even if the people around you insist you’ll fail. Also, it helps to know how to speak whale.

Nala From The Lion King


Nala’s shade is the shade we should all aspire to: when she seeks help from Simba and he starts offering poor excuses, she won’t stand for any of it. Nala doesn’t let Simba’s pride stand in the way of helping the Pride. And in the end, it was partly her persistence that helped Simba realise what he needed to do.

Merida From Brave


Rambunctious, strong-willed Merida is a force to be reckoned with. However, throughout Brave she gains compassion, understanding and learns about what’s truly important in life. We can’t think of anything more boss-like than learning and growing from your mistakes.

Jessie From Toy Story 2


Jessie is a welcome addition to Woody’s roundup, and an outspoken one at that. Full of charm and charisma, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind

Helen Parr From The Incredibles


Helen Parr is the epitome of a Super Mum. Mama Parr puts her family before everything, and uses her maternal instincts and resourcefulness to keep villains (and her kids) in check. Her iconic opening line, “Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don’t think so,” always earns a standing ovation from us.

Joy From Inside Out


We could all use a little Joy in our lives. Joy’s optimism and dedication to Riley’s happiness reminds us that we should look at life’s challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles. Also, Joy’s dislike of broccoli pizza is also something we can truly, deeply relate to.