Coco Face Painting Tutorial

Live in the Land of the Dead with our easy Coco face paint tutorial!

When young Miguel magically enters the Land of the Dead, he begins a spiritual journey to find out more about both his family and his musical passion – and with our easy tutorial, you’ll look like you’re ready to go there too!

How To Make It
  1. Sponge the entire face in white, adding pale blue to the base for definition.

  2. Next, use grass green paint to brush large circles around each eye, as well as a triangle on the chin. Add an orange scalloped pattern around the top of the green eye circles, with a royal blue dot at the outside edge. Add further royal blue flourishes on either side of the mouth and at the centre of the forehead, then two more streaks either side of the green triangle.

  3. Now using black paint, draw a border around both the grass green circles and orange patterns around the eyes. Outline the chin and forehead decorations in the same way. Finish by adding a few black lines through the royal blue swirls around the mouth, then add a few black dashes around the sides and base of the eyes.

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