Belle Face Painting Tutorial

Get ready to be the belle of the ball with our Beauty and the Beast face painting tutorial!


Quick! Before the last petal falls, start your own fairy tale and transform yourself into Belle with this simple three step tutorial!


How To Make It
  1. Using a sponge, dab pale yellow in an broad arc across the forehead and ending at the outside of the eyes. Then to begin Belle’s beautiful rose, take a thin brush and draw a small red diamond in the middle of the forehead. Then, draw a thick arrow shape beneath it on the right and an even thicker arrow shape on the left. Finally, draw two thick triangles on the bottom.

  2. Use a thin brush and some dark green paint to draw two large leaves and one small one at the base of the rose. Then draw two more leaves on each side of the forehead.

  3. Use a thin brush with white paint to draw a wavy line above each eyebrow. Then add two more wavy lines around the outside of each eye. Lastly, use a thin brush again to dab some glitter around the outside of the rose.

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