A Design That Suits You To A Tee (Cup)

What better way to feel as elegant and sophisticated as a Disney Princess than to have your very own tea cup and saucer inspired by the lovely ladies themselves?

We’ve fallen head over heels for these regal teacups and saucers featuring four classic Disney Princesses, Aurora, Cinderella, Belle and Snow White. Each set is expertly hand crafted from fine bone china and embellished with 22ct gold. Tea has never seemed so tempting! So, to help you choose which of these beautiful designs will make you feel like royalty, we’ve outlined their traits so you can fit a Princess to your personality.  


Aurora Tea Cup and Saucer

If you’re a fan of your beauty sleep then what better way to wake up than with a hot drink in this Aurora tea cup? She’s kind, elegant and sophisticated but above all she’s a real dreamer and a hopeless romantic. This spell-breaking design will put any disagreements about pink or blue to rest once and for all.

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Belle Tea Cup and Saucer

Are you always thinking about adventure in the great wide somewhere? Whether you have your nose stuck in a book or you’re finding the good inside of everyone, this Belle tea cup is the one for you. She’s not afraid to stand her ground and stay true to herself no matter what is thrown in her way.

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Cinderella Tea Cup and Saucer

Find yourself needing a cup of tea as the clock strikes midnight and making friends with mice? Well, put them together and what have you got? A Cinderella tea cup that fits your personality like a missing glass slipper.

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Snow White Tea Cup and Saucer

If you whistle while you work and are always surrounded by woodland creatures then this Snow White tea cup is the one for you. She is a kind and gentle princess who befriends the lovable Seven Dwarfs after she is forced to leave her castle. Truly the ‘fairest of them all’, you’ll be sure to fill the world with sunshine.

Whether you’re happy, grumpy, bashful or sleepy, we’re sure the full Snow White range will fill all your Heigh Ho-pes.

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