7 Tips For Photographing Your Baby

Your little one will always look adorable but if you want to make that photo extra special there’s a few bits and bobs to think about beforehand to ensure you really get the most out of your shoot.

1. Backdrop

Sleeping baby
Hang a simple backdrop so that it fills entire camera frame, allowing your baby to take centre stage. Simple curtains or a bed sheet can work well here.

2. Lighting

baby photoshoot
Lighting is very important so choose your spot near a window with plenty of natural lighting; it gives a much softer look than a camera flash. Remember the light should be coming in front of your baby, not behind.

3. Comfort

comfy sleeping baby
Comfort is key to keep your baby feeling calm and relaxed in front of the camera. Make sure the room is warm, especially if you want to do a shoot while they’re sleeping. If they are staying awake – keep your baby at ease by ensuring they see you while you sing and make faces.

4. Timing

posing sleepy baby
Get your space set up in advance so it’s all ready to go when your baby nods off, or before the mood is lost. Be prepared with the little things to avoid all fuss like feeding, nappy changing and dressing/undressing. It is believed that the first 14 days are the best age to get those newborn snaps while your little one is still very sleepy and malleable.

5. Props

Keep it simple for newborn photos with emphasis on comfort. Snuggle them in a cosy blanket or hat or surround them with their favourite toys see Disney Store’s range of baby toys for inspiration.

6. Snap Happy

Baby feet
Take as many as you can to make sure you get at least a few good snaps. Capture all looks from sweet smiles, grumpy expressions, faces, hands and feet. Get down on your baby’s level for more intimate images. Be patient it can take a while! If the mood is not right stop and try again later when they’re in better mood.

7. Treasure The Moments

Collect all your shots and create a collage or album as a keepsake. It will make a perfect gift for grandparents.

If you’d like to add a little personal touch to your pictures, why not try our Winnie the Pooh inspired bunting or baby Milestone Cards to add that extra bit of personalisation.