64 Charming Canines That Will Steal Your Heart

Having a ruff day? We’ve got the perfect pick-me-up. Fur-real.

We can’t help but fall in love with every animated pup that races onto our screens with their hilarious antics and adorable traits. Not only are they as cute and cuddly as the real things but in a lot of cases they can talk – what more could we ask for?

Therefore, in true Disney fashion, we’ve compiled this paw-some timeline to celebrate all the Disney and Disney•Pixar dogs that have starred in our animated movies and shorts over the years. And if that wasn’t enough, each of the 24 movies below are all available to watch instantly on DisneyLife.

Why not settle down for a paws-itively amazing movie marathon of canine classics featuring a whole host of our mischievous mutts – you’d be barking mad not to!

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