12 New Years Resolutions All Disney Fans Should Have

Don’t panic but, yup, that shiny new thing you’re looking at is indeed a brand new year.

In preparation for what we’ve already decided will be the greatest year of all of our lives, here are 12 New Year’s resolutions (one per month, not by accident but by design!) that will bring a little Disney magic to your year.

1. Be more connected to the circle of life.


The world is big and beautiful, and it’s full of neat things like sunrises and mandrills who hold baby lions up for all the Pride Lands to see. Make sure to get outside and explore nature. It is the very thing that moves us all.

2. End relationships that don’t work for you.


If you begin to realise that someone whom you always considered a friend is actually not very nice to you, or if the evidence is stacking up that they’re blatantly using you for your magic hair, just end it. Your time and energy and love are precious. Spend them on someone who appreciates that.

3. Let it go.


We bet you knew this was coming, and you were right. It’s great advice. The past is in the past, and no amount of worrying will change what’s already happened. No one has time for that in 2017! Focus your energy on today.

4. Read books.


Reading will make you a better writer, it will fill your brain with new ideas, and most of all, it’s fun. Take a page from Belle’s book and set some reading goals for yourself. It doesn’t have to be crazy, or anything. One book a month will have you feeling great.

5. Make a friend like Genie.


There’s a whole song confirming that we “ain’t never had a friend like” Genie. But maybe this year is the year to change that. You can start by meeting new people or talking to people who have always been around but whom you don’t know that well. Just remember—to have a good friend, you’ve got to be a good friend.

6. Learn something new.


You know that thing that’s always interested you, but you’ve never really had the opportunity to get into it? Get into it. Watch nature documentaries or study a new language or read cool biographies about awesome people. No matter what else is going on, you’ll be 100% happier with yourself if you feel like you’re getting smarter every day.

7. Seek advice from people you admire.


There’s never any need to be afraid of sounding dumb in front of someone you look up to. People like to be asked for advice. They’ll be flattered you asked and happy to share it. Plus, you’ll get to benefit from their wisdom and avoid their mistakes. Everybody wins, so just be brave and ask!

8. Look beyond appearances.


You know that person you see often but whom you’ve never really talked to for one reason or another? In 2017, let’s all stop assuming we know people and actually make the effort to get to know them. We might be missing out on some potential best friends if we don’t.

9. Tackle a problem from a different angle.


There will always be challenges on the way to your goals; what matters is how you handle them. This year, make an effort to try dealing with obstacles in new and creative ways, especially if they’re some of the same challenges you’ve experienced in the past. Try fixing things instead of patching them, even if it’s harder work.

10. Do something you’ve never done before.


Whether it’s picking up an instrument, playing a new sport, or learning how to sew, give yourself permission to be a beginner at something. Acknowledging that you won’t be good at something when you first start doing it is actually so liberating, and it will make getting messy and making mistakes fun.

11. Handle conflict with kindness.


There will always be people who you struggle to find common ground with, and this new year will be no different. But what can be different is if you pledge to handle all interpersonal conflict with kindness. If you can go to bed each night knowing that you’re proud of how you treat those around you, even those who don’t treat you kindly back, then you’ll be so much happier.

12. Embrace what makes you unique.


It’s hard not to want to live up to others’ expectations for ourselves, just like it’s hard not to want to fit in. But life would be incredibly boring if we were all the same! With every passing year, you’re going to do a better and better job of figuring yourself out. Let the new year be your best year yet when it comes to embracing who you are.