11 Things You Didn’t Know About Big Hero 6

On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your Big Hero 6 knowledge?

You may not have graduated high school at 14 years old, but we’re sure you’ll feel like a genius after reading this technical trivia.

1. Marvel’s Big Hero 6 comic books were around for 10 years before Big Hero 6 hit the big screen.

During this time only 13 issues were released. We can’t imagine getting only 1.3 issues a year. What even is 0.3 of an issue?


2. Baymax’s motions are modeled after baby penguins.

Yep, you heard us. Baby. Penguins. It doesn’t get more huggable than that. Notice how he shuffles his feet and keeps his arms straight on his sides? Baymax definitely waddles.


3. Fred’s room was designed to be a “nerd’s paradise.”

Director Don Hall even said, “We basically took the average cubicle here at Disney and multiplied it by a thousand.”  Check out all those characters lining his shelves, why not see if you recognise any?


4. The Big Hero 6 universe is a little “wonky.”

Nothing stands perfectly straight in San Fransokyo. Everything is offset just a little bit to give the world a lived-in feel. You can also spot this technique in One Hundred and One Dalmatians.


4. Baymax’s huggable design was inspired by a real robot.

Dr. Christopher Atkeson, a professor at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, showed animators an inflatable vinyl arm being developed for health-care needs. The “huggable” idea came from visual development artist Lisa Keene.


6. Over 200 signs were designed for San Fransokyo.

If you tried to look for surprises in every single sign in San Fransokyo while watching the movie in cinemas but couldn’t quite keep up, it’s totally okay. We couldn’t either. You’re officially invited to our frame-by-frame-movie-watching party.


7. Honey Lemon, Wasabi, and Go Go almost had their own booths at the science fair.

Each booth would’ve showcased tech that would later tie in to their superpower: a chemical barista station, disinfectant gloves, and a super-fast bike with magnetic wheels respectively. We wonder what Fred would be doing during all this. Maybe a make-your-own invisible sandwich bar?


8. The nerd lab (AKA robotics lab) was laid out like a real functioning robotics lab.

Like the ones at MIT, Art Centre in Pasadena, Caltech, and JPL. Animators really did their research! Note: these labs may or may not have had footballs balls in them.


9. There are fractals in Big Hero 6.

No, they aren’t frozen. Michael Kaschalk, head of FX animation, wanted to use fractal patterns (infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales) inside the portal. You know, those big blobby shapes that remind some of us of bubble gum? Those are fractals. Elsa has some colourful competition.


10. You can thank Kendelle Hoyer for Mochi’s existence.

Kendelle worked as a story artist on Big Hero 6 and felt that Hiro and Tadashi’s family needed a pet. Her solution: drawing a cat in all of her storyboards. Mochi eventually moved the entire way through the pipeline and became real! The dreams that you doodle really do come true.


11. San Fransokyo Institute of Technology draws inspiration from the Presidio in San Francisco.

It’s a park and former military base with a college-like atmosphere. It’s also the headquarters of Lucasfilm! Definitely not a school. We’d still try and study there anyway…

Our brains are full from all these fun facts and if you already knew some of them, you deserve a fist-bump. Balalalala! We’re still holding out for that invisible sandwich though. Now go forth and share this knowledge with the heroes in your life. You can learn more Big Hero 6 trivia by watching the film on DisneyLife! Why not sign up for a free 7-day trail today?