10 Times Baymax Was Our Spirit Animal

Your personal healthcare companion is so much more than your personal healthcare companion; he is, in fact, your spirit animal.

With a simple scan, Baymax can detect vital stats, determine a patient’s level of pain, and treat nearly any ailment, and we.. well… can’t, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have a lot in common. On the Officially Unofficial Spirit Animal Scale, Baymax is a perfect 10.

Here’s why.

That time Baymax turned into a puddle of goo over an adorable kitty.
Big Hero 6 - Baymax and 'Hairy Baby'
And we now refer to every cat as a “haaaaaairy baby!”

That time Baymax experienced the dangers of distracted walking.
Big Hero 6 - Baymax texting
Texting and walking do not mix!

That time Baymax comforted a friend in need with a hug.
Big Hero 6 - Baymax hug
A hug is the best medicine. Unless you have something contagious, like a cold. In that case, medicine is the best medicine. Cover your cough.

That time Baymax got that Monday feeling.
Big Hero 6 - Baymax low battery
Humans get low battery, too.

That time Baymax had a bellyful of pudge.
Big Hero 6 - Baymax pudge
Baby fat forever.

That time Baymax communicated via emoji.
Big hero 6 - How are you feeling?

That time Baymax got a rad new outfit.
Big Hero 6 - Baymax superhero outfit
Lookin’ good, feelin’ good!

That time Baymax re-invented the hand wave.
Big Hero 6 - Baymax Waving
Greeting new friends will never be the same.

That time Baymax and Hiro demonstrated #FriendshipGoals.
Big Hero 6 - Baymax and Hiro
Bow down.

That time Baymax was a star athlete.
Big Hero 6 - Baymax
Just kidding. We feel you Baymax, is it time for lunch yet?

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