Kakamora Kibosh Game

Take aim with your very own Kakamora in this fun Moana inspired bowling game!

Ideal for solo players or for playing with friends and family – how many palm trees can you knock down?

Player: 1+
What You'll Need
  • 4-8 Empty plastic bottles
  • Brown wrapping paper
  • Green paper
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Coconuts
  • Printable scoreboard
  • Printable Kakamora elements
How To Make It
  1. First, create your palm tree bowling pins. Wrap brown paper around the bottom half of the empty plastic bottles, securing with sticky tape.

  2. Draw out some leaf shapes on green paper. Get creative with the shapes and sizes of the palm leaves!

  3. Cut out the leaves and use sticky tape to attach to the tops of the bottles.

  4. Place your six palm tree pins at the end of a room, in a triangle formation. If you have a wooden floor this will work best, but if not, just line up a few pieces of card to create your bowling lane.

  5. Using a pair of scissors, cut out the different Kakamora masks from the printout. Attach them to your coconut with sticky tape to create your Kakamora!

  6. You’re ready to play! Take aim and bowl your Kakamora at the palm tree bowling pins… how many can you knock down?

Print Instructions