DIY Moana Boat

Total Time

Moana is drawn to the ocean but needs a boat to set sail on her adventure to save her people.

Luckily, Disney Store’s Moana Classic Doll comes with packaging that transforms into a boat! Perfect for extra playtime.

What You'll Need
  • Moana Classic Doll box
  • Sticky tape
  • 3 small sticks
How To Make It
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  • moana_boat_step_by_step_1

    Remove Moana from her box. Keep the portion that the doll is secured to, and follow the directions included on how to fold and tape into the boat shape.

    Use sticky tape to attach your flag to one of the sticks to make a mast. Secure to the hull of your boat using more sticky tape.

  • moana_boat_step_by_step_2

    Attach the small side boat to the larger one using two of your small sticks and the sticky tape. Now you’re ready to set sail!

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