Miles From Tomorrow Marble Maze

Inspired by Miles From Tomorrow’s space adventures, this fab DIY maze is a fun game for the whole family to enjoy!

Practice hand-eye coordination by moving the tray just enough to roll a marble through the maze. Add a few marbles to make things extra challenging.

What You'll Need
  • Plastic tray with tall edges
  • Black poster board
  • Scissors
  • Superglue
  • 6 wooden dowels that fit the width of your tray
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Small and medium paintbrushes
  • Marbles
How To Make It
  1. Place the tray on the black poster board and trace around the bottom with the pencil. Cut out the shape and superglue it to the inside of the tray. This creates a matt surface and gives the marble a little more traction.

  2. Paint the wooden dowels yellow and set them aside to dry. These pieces will create your maze, so use as many or as few as you like, depending on how challenging you want your maze to be.

  3. Dip a small paintbrush into the white paint and dot the poster board on the inside of the tray to make little stars. Create a whole galaxy by adding small, medium and large dots.

  4. Once the white stars and yellow dowels are dry, superglue the dowels in a pattern to create the maze. For easy application, place each dowel where you'd like it to be, roll it slightly out of place, apply the glue in a straight line, then roll the dowel back onto the glue.

  5. Let the glue dry completely overnight.

  6. Place a marble at the top of the maze and enjoy the journey down to the bottom! Be careful not to tilt the tray too quickly!

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