Watch – Mickey’s Fireworks T-shirt

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Create your own Mickey Firework T-Shirt and celebrate Mickey’s birthday with a bang!

Mickey is celebrating his birthday this month so we’ve crafted this celebratory t-shirt that you can make at home. Watch the video for a quick tutorial on how to add firework flare to any t-shirt you wish and watch as people ooh and aah at your sparkly creation.

What You'll Need
  • White t-shirt
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Plastic straws with a bend in them
  • Tape
  • Red, blue, and glitter fabric paint
  • Fabric pen or puffy paint
How To Make It
  1. Tape together a few straws just above the bend. Add an additional piece of tape at the top to create a handle. Bend straws outward to create a firework stamp.

  2. Make another firework stamp and shorten the ends on the second one to create a smaller firework. This will be Mickey’s ears.

  3. Place a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt to prevent the layers from sticking together.

  4. Prepare a paper plate with enough red paint to dip the larger firework stamp into and then press onto the centre of the t-shirt. Stamp no more than three times. Use the smaller firework stamp to add Mickey’s ears.

  5. Repeat with blue paint and glitter paint. Let each colour dry before adding the next!

  6. Personalise each shirt with a family member's name for the perfect Mickey gift!

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