The Disney Cooking Commitment

At Disney, we know the health and happiness of your family is important. That’s why our recipes follow these four principles, so you can be confident that what you’re cooking will not only be delicious but also good for the whole family.

When we cook, we like to be imaginative and try out new things. We’re always thinking about healthier ingredients or ‘better for you’ options to share with you

1. Reduce sugar, salt and saturated fats

To reduce the amount of sugar, salt and saturated fats, like butter and cream,we’ve introduced healthy twists, swapping sugar for honey or using lean meats and fish instead of fattier options.

2. Include fruit and vegetables

We’ve crammed as much fruit and veg as possible for additional vitamins into each dish. To save money, get inventive with your ingredients, replace ours with what’s in season or available locally.

3. Include whole grains

Our recipes incorporate whole grains where possible, so that the whole family can benefit from all that additional fibre and naturally-occurring goodness.

4. Balance Treats

When it comes to treats, we’re conscious of the need for balance. That’s why we focus on fun-filled recipes for special occasions.

Look out for the Let’s Go Healthy Living Brand mark on recipes which follow our Cooking Commitments.