Let’s Go! Princess Procession Exercise

Here at Disney, it’s our mission to get families to be more active together.

Small changes can make a big difference so we’ve put together some fun Disney inspired exercises to get all your family moving. Put your trainers on, and let’s go!

1. Run behind each other in a line

Choose a family member to be the leader and run together in a line following each other.

2. Belle’s Ballroom Spin

The leader then picks a move that the whole family have to do. Twirl and swirl like Belle with this ballroom spin!

3. Flynn Riders getaway side step

Once the leader has performed their move, they go to the back of the line and the next family member takes their turn.

When you’ve finished your exercise it’s remember to cool your body down and stretch out your muscles. Sit down on the floor and bring your feet together so your soles are touching. Hold this position for 20 seconds. Stand up and bend one leg at the knee behind you. Hold it with your hand for 30 seconds then switch and do the same with your other leg.

It is always important to stay hydrated whilst you are exercising. so why not use the Disney Princess water bottle, available now at The Disney Store.