Gabby Logan’s Top Tips On Being More Active With Your Family

As part of Disney’s Let’s Go Week, TV presenter and former British gymnast, Gabby Logan is sharing her top tips on how she gets her family to be more active together. As a mother of two this is a topic Gabby is hugely passionate about, so read on for her top 5 tips to make healthy living simple and fun…

1. Involve the kids in planning the activity

Try to make the kids feel they have a say in what you are doing, that way they are invested in the activity. It might be that not everyone wants to go swimming but if the child who is not so keen knows that next week you are going to an adventure play ground or playing badminton and that’s their choice they are more likely to feel invested.

2. Build up slowly

If for example you are on a bike ride don’t shatter the kids out to the point that they are exhausted and don’t want to go again. They will have negative memories. If there’s a big steep hill say ‘this time we can get off half way and walk but next time we’ll go a little bit further’. So the next time you go for a bike ride they will get a great sense of achievement.

3. Reward a big effort

I love it when we go on a huge bike ride as a family and then we go for tea, a lunch or a lovely dinner together on the way home. It’s so satisfying to work hard on the bike and then reward yourself and your family after.

4. Dress appropriately!

If kids are cold they give up quickly. We are not blessed with a warm climate so we can’t afford to stop being active because we don’t have nice weather.

5. Have fun

Kids (and adults) are much more likely to stick with a sport or activity if they are laughing and having fun. To some kids fun is beating their brother at tennis but to others it’s dancing or skateboarding, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as they are moving and increasing their heart rate.

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