Maleficent Halloween Wreath

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Summon the Mistress of All Evil this Halloween with a DIY Maleficent Wreath.

Inspired by the ultimate Disney Villain, this Sleeping Beauty-inspired craft offers the perfect amount of fright and cuteness factor — perfect for decorating a kids room this season!

What You'll Need
  • Black spray paint
  • Black and purple decorative ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Black sparkly foam
  • Yellow paper
  • Googly eyes
How To Make It
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  • disney-inspired-maleficent-wreath-step1

    Paint the wreath black and let it dry completely.

    Wrap the black and purple ribbon around the wreath to decorate. Then add another layer of larger purple ribbon. Secure to the back with glue.

  • disney-inspired-maleficent-wreath-step2

    Make a larger bow out of one purple ribbon, and a smaller one out of the other. Glue the smaller onto the larger, then onto the wreath.


  • disney-inspired-maleficent-wreath-step4

    Cut out two large horns from the black foam and glue to the wreath.

  • disney-inspired-maleficent-wreath-step3

    Cut out the shape of Maleficent’s raven from the foam, and his beak from yellow paper.

  • disney-inspired-maleficent-wreath-step5

    Glue on his beak and one googly eye. Then glue the raven onto the wreath.

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