Woody’s Tin Can Toss

Help your kids practice their throwing skills with Woody’s Tin Can Toss game!

Player: 1+
What You'll Need
  • Character template
  • Printer
  • Glue
  • Empty tin cans (minimum 6)
  • Bean bags or other soft balls
How To Play
  1. Print out as many characters as you have tins, and cut each character out.

  2. Glue your characters to the side of the tin cans.

  3. Line up the tins on the floor or a kitchen chair.

  4. Let your kids to take turns throwing bean bags at the tins from a short distance away.

  5. The child who knocks down the most tins, wins.

To make the game more fun, why not give each can a different value? Write the number of points they get for each can on the front.
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