Mickey And Minnie’s Train Game

Help your kids learn to count whilst playing the Mickey and Minnie Train Game!

Use this printable board game and the Mickey and Minnie Birthday Parade LEGO DUPLO set to create a fun counting game. Mickey and Minnie are racing to catch a train – who will be first?

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Players: 2
What You'll Need
  • Mickey and Minnie Birthday Parade LEGO DUPLO set
  • Printer paper
  • Something to hold the number bricks
How To Make It
  1. Print out the Mickey and Minnie’s Train game board using the 'Download Resources' button above

  2. Find something to hold the bricks numbered 1 to 5 (we used a child’s hat)

  3. Decide who will play Mickey and who will be Minnie

  4. Place the Mickey and Minnie Birthday parade train near the end of the board

  5. Place both Mickey and Minnie on the start star, you're now ready to race!

  6. Decide who will go first by picking the highest number out of the hat

  7. The player going first takes a numbered brick out of the hat and moves that amount of spaces. Don't forget to place the number bricks back in the hat after each turn!

  8. Now it's time for the next player to take their turn

  9. The winner is the first to reach the train!

Print the race track on some shiny glossy photo paper to make the train shine!
Print Instructions

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