Pin The Nose On Olaf Game

He might like warm hugs but he probably doesn’t like losing his nose! So help your kids put Olaf together by playing this fun Frozen game.

The perfect party game that’s fun to make and even more fun to play. Get crafty by cutting the Olaf inspired template out and colour him in. Invite all your favourite friends round and take it in turns to help put Olaf’s nose back on.

Player: 1+
What You'll Need
  • White card
  • Scissors
  • Black, brown and blue marker pens or paint
  • Printer
  • Double-sided Sticky Tape
  • Material or eye-mask to use as a blindfold
How To Make It
  1. On a piece of white card draw out an Olaf shape. Use your creative licence to draw your own version.

  2. Cut him out.

  3. Get your kids to colour in his arms, hair tuft and eyebrows with the brown marker or paint.

  4. Next colour in his eyes, mouth and buttons black.

  5. You can add a black outline and some blue marks to the eyes and body if you would like to create a snow-like effect.

  6. Use the 'Download Resources' button to print the carrot nose, Cut out one per child and fold along the dotted lines.

  7. Glue the side fold, shape the carrot into a cone and stick in place.

  8. Add some glue to the white tip and tuck this inside the cone. Glue in place.

  9. When the kids are ready to play add some double sided sticky tape to the base of the nose(s).

  10. Each child is then blindfolded and takes it in turns to try and stick Olaf’s nose in the right place.

Print Instructions