Elsa and Anna Dancing Ribbons

Frozen: Magic of the Northern Lights is finally here! Celebrate the release of this new Frozen story featuring all your favourite characters by crafting these icy dancing ribbons.

Pinks and purples for Anna or a sea of blues for Elsa, craft your own dancing ribbons inspired by the queen and princess of Arendelle and get your dancing shoes on.

Why not team the dancing ribbons with these Anna & Elsa dresses from Disney Store!

Watch Frozen: Magic of the Northern Lights Here
What You'll Need
  • 4 x Curtain rings - wooden or clear
  • A selection of coloured ribbons, you can use:
  • Balloon ribbon
  • Fabric ribbon
  • Strips of Organza
  • For Anna - Fuchsia Pink, Purple, Black, Turquoise, Gold
  • For Elsa - Silver, Turquoise, Blue, Sea Green
  • Scissors
  • Elsa dress from Disney Store (optional)
  • Anna dress from Disney Store (optional)
  • Super glue
How To Make It
Step 1 / 6
  • disneyinspired-frozen-northern-lights-ribbons_4

    Measure the height of your child, times it by two and that is the length of ribbon you’ll need!

  • step-2

    Cut the ribbon into different sized strips

  • step-3

    Seal the ends of the ribbon with a little bit of glue to stop it fraying.

  • step-4

    Take the curtain ring and tie the middle of each length of ribbon around the ring

  • step-5

    Continue tying strips of ribbon to the ring until half of the ring is covered.

  • step-6

    Leave the top half free for your child to hold

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