Becky’s Bucket Challenge

Can your kids help Marlin and Nemo get to Dory in this fun (and wet!) pass the bucket game?

Inspired by Disney·Pixar’s Finding Dory, this splashtastic game is perfect to play at summer parties in the garden.

Players: 3+
What You'll Need
  • 1 bucket per player
  • Water
  • Small toy(s)
How To Make It
  1. Give each child a bucket

  2. Line up your kids, one behind the other, all facing the same way

  3. Ask the child at the front to fill their bucket with water and add the toy (be sure to use a toy that can be used in water! We used a Nemo Zuru Robofish water toy)

  4. Then ask them to tip the bucket of water behind them, over their head

  5. The child behind them has to try and catch as much of the water as possible (and the toy) in their bucket

  6. They then throw the water over their head, and the game carries on down the line until the child at the end has the toy in their bucket

To make it more fun, you could get two lines of children and ask them to race to see who can get the toy to the end first!

Participants will get wet so swimwear is advisable and remember to be safe around water
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