Bailey’s Echolocation Game

Create an underwater-inspired maze with this fun activity.

In Disney·Pixar’s Finding Dory, Bailey helps guide Dory through the pipes of the Marine Life Institute by using his sonar skills. Recreate a similar scene with this activity and help your kids navigate their way through the cardboard tunnels in this fun game.

Players: 2+
What You'll Need
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Blue paint
  • Yellow paint
  • Printer (for the seaweed printables)
How To Make It
Step 1 / 6
  • FD_echo_tunnel_step_01

    Collect and build your boxes

  • FD_echo_tunnel_step_02

    Plan your tunnel directions and lay the boxes next to each other

  • FD_echo_tunnel_step_03

    Cut through the boxes you want your child to go through (remember to leave a border for strength)

    Now it’s time for the fun part – painting! Help your kids to paint the yellow sand at the bottom of the boxes with a curved line

  • FD_echo_tunnel_step_04

    Paint the rest of the boxes with blue paint for the sea

  • FD_echo_tunnel_step_05

    Print out your seaweed and decorate your tunnels by gluing to the outside of the newly painted boxes

    Cut some holes in the top of the boxes so your kids can stick their heads out

  • FD_Echo_Tunnel

    Check your tunnels to make sure they all work okay, and use tape to strengthen the joints

    Now the maze is ready for your kids to start exploring! As a fun game, why not try calling instructions through the holes to help guide your kids to the exit?

Print Instructions

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