Inside Out EmotioNail Art – Fear’s Precarious Purple

Fear is constantly on the lookout for danger!

Wear the scaredy cat emotion from Inside Out on your nails.

What You'll Need
  • Fine tip nail art brush (for acrylic paint)
  • Cup of water (to clean brush in between colour changes)
  • Nail art dotter
  • Silver glitter nail art striper
  • Nail base colour - Lilac Purple
  • Acrylic paint colours for design: Light Purple, Medium Purple, Dark Purple, Black & White
How to Make It
  1. Apply base coat and two coats of Lilac Purple nail polish. Allow to dry.

  2. Using white acrylic paint, create 2 circles touching each other for the eyeballs.

  3. Using black paint, outline the outer rim of the eyeballs.

  4. Using medium purple acrylic pain with nail dotter, create a dot in the inner area of each eyeball. With the same tool, create a smaller dot with black paint on the inside of the dot, creating the pupil of Fear's eyes.

  5. Using black acrylic paint, create inverted arched eyebrows, one being lower than the other.

  6. Using medium purple acrylic paint, create a thick line to the far right side of the nail.

  7. Using dark purple acrylic pain, create a thinner line to the left of the first thick line.

  8. Using light purple acrylic paint, create a line to the left of the previous line.

  9. Using dark purple acrylic paint, create a thin line with squiggles on the far right side of the nail,

  10. Using silver glitter nail art striper, line the left side of each line.

  11. Complete the look with top coat.

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