Elsa Face Painting Tutorial

Step into the wonderful world of Arendelle, where Queen Elsa holds the powers of ice and snow in her grasp.


With ice and snow at her command, what will she conjure up next? Transform yourself using this simple three step tutorial.

How To Make It
  1. Start by painting a pale blue triangle above the eye with a small sponge. Blend the triangle around the side of the face and continue painting towards the nose, stopping at the cheek. Repeat for the other side.

  2. Next, load up a thin brush with white paint, then draw some lines and shapes to form a snowflake in the centre of the forehead. Paint a star on both cheeks, adding dots to the points of each star.

  3. Add some white dots around the eyes and on either side of the snowflake on the forehead. Paint two small stars to each side of the face. Finish up with some glistening glitter gel on the forehead.

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