Princess Dream Box

Total Time

Keep all your child’s keepsakes, crafts and special memories in this beautiful Dream Box.

Help you little one to decorate their box with colourful papercrafts inspired by their favourite Disney princesses.

What You'll Need
  • Shoebox
  • Printer
  • White card
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Metallic wrapping paper
How To Make It
Step 1 / 2
  • DisneyInspired-Princess-Dream-Big_Box

    Wrap a shoebox in metallic wrapping paper, using glue to stick in place

    Print out the papercraft templates. Cut along the dotted lines and fold along the solid lines

  • DisneyInspired-Princess-Dream-Big_Box-2

    Arrange and glue the papercrafts to the lid of your wrapped box

    Gather your keepsakes, crafts and photos, and put them inside. You now have a lovely dream box to open whenever you need some inspiration!

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