Preparing Your Nursery For Baby’s Arrival

It won’t be long before that magical first kick becomes the pitter patter of tiny feet. It’s time to start thinking about creating that perfect nursery for your bundle of joy.

We thought we’d save you some time compiling a list of all those essential bits and bobs you’ll want to have ready for your little bundle’s homecoming. From bedding, basics to safety, ensure you get everything ticked off ready for the big day.

Download our handy nursery checklist

The nursery is a special place of bedtime stories and sweet dreams so here are our top tips for creating a warm and nurturing environment:

  • The nursery should be comfortable for both you and your new baby. Use calming light colours to make it an inviting space
  • Sensory stimulation helps baby’s brain development. The Disney Baby range includes beautiful cot toys to give your little one an inspiring start
  • Keep a comfortable chair in the nursery. A good book wouldn’t go amiss for those night-time feeding shifts