Dressing Baby For Winter

Don’t let the change in temperature send you and baby into hibernation.

Layers are key when it comes to the colder months. Dress your little one in several light layers to allow you to swap and change easily between a warm house and cold outside.
Sleeping baby

Always bring a soft blanket or two along for your baby to nestle into on outings. Blankets are also the easiest layers to add or remove. We like Disney Store’s super-cute and customisable Dumbo blanket.
baby in blanket

A cute little hat will keep baby’s head and ears covered helping them stay warm and cosy.
baby in winter hat

Make it easy on yourself by choosing integrated pieces that your little one won’t be able to pull off. A sleepsuit with integrated scratch mittens is great base layer that also ensures baby’s fingers stay warm.
baby in winter coat

Keep waterproof layers close to hand in case of an unexpected shower or snowfall.
baby in snow

Take advantage of extra snuggle time after each outing – warming up both you and your little character!
mum cuddling baby