Disney Royalty: Prince and Princess Baby Names

From Princess Aurora to Prince Philip, Disney films have featured a succession of memorable royal heroines and heroes — a few may even serve as baby-naming inspiration to us common folk.

View 12 of our favourites in the gallery below…

  • uk_inspired_700x394_royal-baby-names_merida2


    Princess Merida, the main protagonist of Disney/Pixar’s Brave, is a feisty, athletic, independent medieval Scottish princess with wild red hair. Her name, however, is not Scottish but Spanish, a place name in both Spain and in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. Merida has the distinction of being the first Pixar Princess.

  • uk_inspired_700x394_royal-baby-names_naveen


    Prince Naveen is the charming — if opportunistic — free-spirited and musically talented royal of an unnamed European principality who, in The Princess and the Frog, has the bad fairy-tale luck of being turned into a frog. Naveen — also spelled Navin — is an Indian name meaning new.

  • uk_inspired_700x394_royal-baby-names_philip


    Brave and fearless as a storybook prince should be, Philip, in the 1959 Sleeping Beauty, was undoubtedly given that name to evoke the then young and handsome British Duke of Edinburgh. Currently, the spelling ‘Phillip’ is slightly more popular.

  • uk_inspired_700x394_royal-baby-names_tiana2


    Disney’s first African-American princess, Tiana has to go through some difficult transformations before she unites with Prince Naveen in the 2009 The Princess and the Frog.

  • uk_inspired_700x394_royal-baby-names_adella


    Adella is one of King Triton’s daughters in The Little Mermaid, a sister to the movie’s heroine, Ariel . Adella, more often spelled Adela, is a rarely heard variation of Adele, which has been recently revived due to the popularity of the single-named singer.

  • uk_inspired_700x394_royal-baby-names_aurora


    Princess Aurora is the romantic heroine of Sleeping Beauty, and her name projects that same romantic aura. In ancient myth, Aurora was the lovely goddess of the dawn, whose tears turned into the morning dew.

  • uk_inspired_700x394_royal-baby-names_belle


    Belle is the French word for beautiful, which is an apt description of the lovely heroine of Beauty and the Beast, one of Disney’s boldest princesses.

  • uk_inspired_700x394_royal-baby-names_caspian


    Prince Caspian is a leading heroic figure in several of the Chronicles of Narnia books by C. S. Lewis and in the Disney-released film interpretations of those books. Lewis was inspired by the name of the Caspian Sea, the salty body of water between Asia and Europe.

  • uk_inspired_700x394_royal-baby-names_eric


    The Little Mermaid’s Eric is one Disney Prince who actually hails from a real country — Denmark — and one who has real-life marine skills and duties. Eric has recently leapt up the baby name charts suggesting that this name is here to stay.

  • uk_inspired_700x394_royal-baby-names_flynn


    Flynn Rider is the adventurous bandit in Tangled, who, after a requisite number of exploits and escapades, marries the heroine, Rapunzel. Flynn is a lively Irish surname with a strong hint of Old Hollywood glamour.

  • uk_inspired_700x394_royal-baby-names_giselle


    In the 2007 film Enchanted, Giselle is the name of the ingenuous princess, portrayed by Amy Adams, living in the fantasy animated kingdom of Andalasia. Giselle is a French name with a graceful image.

  • uk_inspired_700x394_royal-baby-names_jasmine2


    The exotic Jasmine is a young princess from the enchanted land of Agrabah in the 1992 Disney version of Aladdin and its two sequels. The fragrant floral name Jasmine was first used as a girls’ name around 1900, then faded, until Aladdin’s heroine appeared onscreen, when it burst back into popularity.