Disney Baby’s Adorable Spring Collection

Have you ever been inside a Disney Baby store? It is full of gorgeous, tiny, adorable things that we just can’t help coo over.

The new Spring collection has hit the shelves and we can’t get over how cute everything is! Just look at this floral outfit with Winnie the Pooh print
Disney Baby Piglet outfit

And what about this teeny tots pyjama set inspired by our favourite Willy nilly silly old bear
Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh outfit

If you’re looking for something a little brighter then look no further than this polka dot Minnie dress
Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Outfit

And lets not forget this mini Mickey dunagree outfit with matching micro shoes
Disney Baby Mickey Outfit

And where would a baby be without a costume in the cupboard, ready for those last minute playdates?
Disney Baby costumes


You can shop all of this and more at disneystore.co.uk.