Baby Milestone Cards

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Celebrate your baby’s landmark moments with these adorable Milestone Cards inspired by Disney Characters.

From your baby’s first smile to their first steps and throughout the first year of their lives, these 16 designs capture each special moment as your little character grows. The Milestone Cards can be printed and are a special way to make your baby photos extra cute.

Baby’s Firsts

Milestone Card Designs
This set of four baby’s first… Milestone Cards help you celebrate the memorable moments from their first smile to their adventures in movement, through to the blissful time they sleep all the way through the night.

One week – 3 months old

Winnie the Pooh Milestone Cards - early months
Photograph and remember your baby’s magical first months with these four Winnie the Pooh Inspired Milestone Cards, marking baby’s first week through to third month.

4 – 7 months old

Winnie the Pooh Milestone Cards - mid-months
It’s easy to forget the small moments but these Milestone Cards help capture your baby at ages 4, 5, 6 and 7 months old so you can remember these special moments for years to come.

8 months – 1 year old

Winnie the Pooh Milestone Cards - late months to a year
Use these five Milestone Cards to celebrate the months as baby approachs and celebrates their first birthday!

What You'll Need
  • White paper
  • Card
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Camera
How To Make It
  1. Using the purple text links or click on the images above to select which cards you would like to print out on white paper.

  2. Glue the designs to a piece of card to make it sturdier .

  3. Cut to size using the dotted line as a guide.

  4. Once dry, place the Milestone Card next to your baby and get snapping!

Print Instructions