5 Baby Shower Games

Your guests will love these five unique baby shower game ideas, guaranteed to bring the fun.

It can sometimes be hard to break the ice when getting a group of friends that you know from lots of different places together so take inspiration from this list of five baby shower game and activity suggestions.

1. Who Knows Mummy?

who knows mummy the best game
Prepare to see your friends’ competitive side during this baby shower game. Split guests into teams, give them each a list of questions about the mummy-to-be and once they’re ready, get them to call out their answers. From due date to most bizarre food cravings – be sure to include some real thinkers!

2. Baby Bingo

baby shower bingo
This baby shower game is perfect for getting everyone involved when it comes to present-opening time. Make special bingo cards and get guests to fill in the blank squares with items they think mummy-to-be has been given. As she opens each present, guests mark off any they have listed on their card. The first person to mark a row of five squares up and down, left to right or diagonally and yell ‘BINGO!’ wins.

3. Balloon Baby Twister

Baby shower balloon twister game
As baby shower games go, this is probably the most challenging but also the funniest. Get guests to put balloons under their tops to form their bump and then play a very tricky game of ‘Twister’ as you try not to burst them!

4. Bottle Racing Game

bottle baby shower game
For this hilarious baby shower activity, fill baby bottles with a drink of your choice. On the count of three, everyone races and the first person to finish their bottle wins. Remember though, you have to drink through the nib – unscrewing the lid isn’t allowed!

5. Guess the Baby Food

guess the baby food game
You’ll need to leave your squeamishness at the door for this game. Select a variety of baby food flavours and have guests perform a taste test. Carrot or pea puree, which will your taste buds pass the blind taste test?!