5 Baby Bathtime Games

Bathing your baby is the perfect opportunity to bond so dive into bathtime with these five entertaining baby bath games that are sure to make Nemo jealous!

Getting Arty

Baby art
If your little one reminds you of aspiring painter Toulouse from The Aristocats, then bath crayons or paint are the perfect tools for them to unleash their creative side. For colourful DIY paints that you can make at home, mix together shaving cream with a few drops of food colouring and watch your little one set to work! Bring underwater movies Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid to life by painting characters and scenes across the bathtub and don’t worry about making a mess – your homemade paints will easily wash away down the drain.

Figurine Fun

Nemo bath toy
Open up a whole new world of adventure during bathtime with squeezy toys, like this Finding Dory bath toy set from Disney Store. While you focus on washing your little monkey, they can get lost in a fairy tale of their own making.

Play Catch

Baby ball catch
Ball games that involve throwing and catching skills are great for bathtime. If you can set up a basketball ring or volleyball net across the bath, even better. Don’t worry about water splashing everywhere – it will dry!

Put On A Show

Baby show
There’s no better way to entertain your little one than by recreating the movie magic right there in the bathroom. Channel your inner Goofy and use some family members to help put on an entertaining show for your baby. Talking in a funny voice will keep your little one giggling and is the perfect opportunity to practise your rusty Donald Duck impression!

Make It Rain

5 Baby Bathtime Games Image
Get a sieve and some cups of different sizes and watch as your baby has fun mixing up magical potions as they pour water from one vessel into the other. Sorcerer Mickey has nothing on your little wizard! After a tiring session of splashing around, wrap your baby in a cuddly robe and get them ready for the Land of Nod.