Zootropolis Tote Bag

Craft the very bag that Judy Hopps uses in the film to leave Bunnyburrow and head into Zootropolis!

This tote is super simple to make, looks great and is handy too! Get hopping.

What You'll Need
  • Plain Tote Bag
  • Paint brushes
  • Fabric paint - red, yellow, orange, black and blue
  • Acrylic medium
How To Make It
  1. Start by tracing your bunny’s face and ears onto your canvas tote in light pencil. Trace a round object to draw the eyes and mouth. Using the same object will ensure your circles and half-circles are a consistent size

  2. Mix colours of your choice with the acrylic textile medium in a small dish, using the rough ratio of two parts paint to one part acrylic medium. If your tote bag’s fabric is particularly thick, add more medium to your mixture. This will help you paint smoother lines

  3. Fill in your sketched outlines with paint and wait until they are dry to the touch. (If waiting is giving you flashbacks to the DMV scene in Zootropolis, a hairdryer is great for speeding up the process!)

  4. Once the paint has dried, outline the shapes of the eyes, ears and nose in a colour of your choice

  5. Let your paint dry completely before beginning work on the other side

  6. On the other side, cut out and trace the printable template, or freehand your carrot and blueberries illustration by drawing a rounded triangle and small ovals

  7. Repeat steps 2-3

  8. Paint a circle around your logo and fill the blank canvas with white.

  9. Let your paint dry completely before use.

Print Instructions

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