Olaf Inspired Snow Flurry

Olaf has his very own personal Flurry to stop him from melting, and now you can have one too!

With some cardboard tubes and cotton wool, you’ll be singing about summer in no time.

What You'll Need
  • Thin headband
  • Silver craft wire
  • Scissors
  • White paper
  • Clear elastic string
  • Cotton balls
  • Blue, white or silver beads in small and large sizes
  • Pliers
  • Sticky tape
  • 4 small recycled cardboard tubes
  • 1 large recycled cardboard tubes
How To Make It
  1. Paint your cardboard tubes white and once dry, glue them together.

  2. Cut a piece of the craft wire to approximately 60 cm and loop through the largest cardboard tube. Tape to secure in place.

  3. With the pliers, bend the wire down on each side of the cardboard tubes, and twist the ends around the sides of the headband to secure.

  4. Cut four pieces of elastic string to fit between the cloud and the headband.

  5. Tape the elastic string to the cardboard tubes. Make sure to spread them out and have them finish at different heights.

  6. Gently pull at the cotton balls to loosen their shape.

  7. Cover the cardboard tubes in glue, and start to stick the cotton balls to them, forming a cloud shape.

  8. Print and cut out the Frozen snowflakes templates, and pierce where indicated.

  9. Thread the snowflakes onto the string, alternating with small beads and finishing with a large bead.

  10. Put the headband on your child’s head to give them their own personal flurry.

Print Instructions