TIE Fighter Splatter Art

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This Star Wars splatter art is the craft you’ve been looking for…

With this outdoor art project, you and the kids can create a sleek, cool TIE fighter soaring among the stars with just a few painting supplies. You could even frame it and give it as a gift this Father’s Day!

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What You'll Need
  • TIE fighter template
  • Black construction paper
  • White washable paint
  • Red washable paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Toothbrush
  • Scissors
How To Make It
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  • disneyinspired-starwars-TIE-fighter-1

    Download and print out the TIE fighter template. Cut it out. Head outside and place the black construction paper on your patio or grass.

    Place the template on top of the paper, and use rocks to hold it down if it’s a windy day. Check to make sure the rocks don’t overlap the edges of the template.

  • disneyinspired-starwars-TIE-fighter-2

    Dip the paintbrush in the white paint and fling the paint on the paper to create a starry scene. (This is a messy technique and sure to result in paint flying all over the ground and on your kids’ clothes, so be prepared!)

  • disneyinspired-starwars-TIE-fighter-4

    To create a bold outline of the TIE fighter, grab a toothbrush that you won’t use again. Dip it in the paint and run your thumb across the bristles next to the paper to spray small stars around the TIE fighter.

  • disneyinspired-starwars-TIE-fighter-5

    Continue around the edges of the template until there’s enough paint to clearly show the TIE fighter when the template is removed. Let dry.

  • disneyinspired-starwars-TIE-fighter-6

    To add a little detail to make this TIE fighter a Special Forces TIE from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (minus the turrets), use the red washable paint to paint a small red stripe on the right side of the TIE.

  • disneyinspired-starwars-TIE-fighter-7

    Kids’ imaginations don’t have to be limited to just black and white! Re-use the template with different colours.

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