The Jungle Book Inspired Pinch Pots

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Pinch pots are simple pots you can make out of clay at home with your hands!

We’ve decorated ours with tribal designs and animal prints inspired by The Jungle Book. Roll up your sleeves and get creating.

What You'll Need
  • Oven bake clay (250g makes 4 pots of various size. We used white and terracotta)
  • A straw
  • 2-3 small plants (no larger than 4″)
  • Potting soil (for succulents, use a cactus or succulent soil)
  • Acrylic paint (optional)
  • Paintbrush and/or sponge (optional)
  • Washi tape (optional)
How To Make It
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  • lion-king_pinch-pots_step-1

    Begin with a ball of clay just a bit larger than a golf ball. Press both thumbs into the clay leaving a generous thickness at the bottom, about 1/3”

  • lion-king_pinch-pots_step-2

    From here, use your forefingers and thumbs to pinch their way from the bottom to the top, rotating the clay as you go. Pinch up rather than out.

  • lion-king_pinch-pots_step-3

    Pinch the clay up from the bottom, but keep the base thicker than the top of the walls for stability. Continue the process (gently pinching and rotating), until the walls feel a consistent thickness. The small ball of clay should become about 2″ tall.

    Use a straw to puncture a small hole at the base.

    Bake the clay according to directions. Once cooled, you can pot your plants right away or decorate the pot.

  • lion-king_pinch-pots_step-4

    We used a sponge and paintbrush for the circles and washi tape for the tribal design. For the latter, we placed the tape in a simple “X” pattern all around the vessel and painted the exposed parts.

    Once you’re done decorating the pot, add potting soil and succulents and place in your home to enjoy!

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