Sleeping Beauty Tote Bag

Total Time

Make your tote more magical with this design inspired by Aurora’s colour-changing dress.

Perfect for a handmade Mother’s Day gift. Team this tote with a totally awesome gift from Disney Store!

What You'll Need
  • Plain tote bag
  • Blue, red, white paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Water
How To Make It
  1. Prepare shades of baby blue and pink by mixing red and blue with generous amounts of white paint. Note: You'll want to aim for a hue two or three shades darker than what you plan on using, as you will be watering this paint down.

  2. Once you've prepared your paint, add a quarter cup of water (or a mixture of three tablespoons water, one tablespoon textile medium) to each paint colour. Mix thoroughly.

  3. Wet a broad paintbrush and dip it into your pink paint mixture. Beginning from the bottom of the tote bag, begin painting long, upwards brushstrokes on the left-hand side of the tote bag. Add extra layers of paint to the bottom half of the tote bag to create a gradient effect.

  4. Repeat Step 3 on the right-hand side of the bag with the blue paint mixture.

  5. Before the paint dries completely, dip your brush in clean water and slowly begin blending the paint in the centre of the tote bag, once more using upward and downward brush strokes.

  6. Let dry before using.

To add extra Aurora call-outs to your tote bag, consider adding geometric, gold accents to the handles - or an outline of Aurora’s crown. Get creative to your heart’s content!
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