Piglet Easter Egg

Total Time

As a tribute to Pooh Bear’s egg-cellent young friend Piglet, here’s a sweet Easter Day decoration made in his likeness.

It’s crafted from a wooden egg so that you can pack it away after Easter and display it again next year. Perfect.

What You'll Need
  • Wooden egg, ideally with a flat bottom (sold in craft stores or online) otherwise a hard-boiled egg with the shell on
  • Small piece of a soft craft sponge
  • Soft pink acrylic craft paint
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard tissue tube (1½ inches or so in diameter)
  • Tacky glue and small stiff paintbrush to apply it
  • Craft paper (medium pink, dark pink, and magenta)
  • Glue sealer and a soft paintbrush for applying it
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Fine-tipped permanent markers (black and red)
  • Pink wool or string
How To Make It
  1. Sponge-paint the egg soft pink, and then set it aside to dry.

  2. Cut a 1/4-inch length from the cardboard tissue tube, and cover it with a strip of glued-on magenta craft paper.

  3. Print the template and use the pieces for cutting out the shapes in the specified colours of craft paper. Glue the inner ear pieces atop the ears, and then set them aside for the glue to dry. Once it has, brush a protective coat of glue sealer on all three pieces.

  4. Glue the nose onto the face of the egg, positioning the upper edge of the paper 1 inch from the top of the egg. Let the glue dry.

  5. Lightly pencil two tiny eyes right above the nose (about 1/16 inch), spacing them about 3/8 inch apart. Add short arched eyebrows 1/4 inch above the eyes. Then draw on Piglet's grin (about 3/4 inch wide and positioned so that the lowest point is about 1/4 inch below the nose and 1 inch above the bottom of the egg). Once you have the pencil lines the way you want them, carefully trace over the eyes and eyebrows with black marker and the grin with red marker.

  6. Brush a protective coat of glue sealer on the egg, going right over the paper, to seal it and to give it a little sheen.

  7. When the sealer is dry (this shouldn’t take long), fold back the lower edges of the assembled ears, and then glue the folded portion of each ear to the top of the egg. Let the glue dry completely.

  8. For the finishing touch, add stripes to the cardboard tube stand by snuggly wrapping lengths of wool around it and gluing the ends in place on the back. Set the finished egg atop the stand, and your Piglet Easter decoration is ready to display.

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